Every human born into this world have goals or an idea of what their goal should be. Some fight to realise that goal and some give up halfway. But sometimes the jabbing of life derails us and the goal becomes a farfetched reality.
Everyone longs for that goal that will bring the proud gazes of your relatives upon you. The goal that soothes your personality, your life and makes something meaningful out of you. This can be challenging though, just like how nothing is easy in life. You will be met with obstacles that makes giving up look like a Christmas present wrapped up with shining, glittering letters that says “Just Give Up”, people surrounding you and nudging you towards it.

A goal can change its course to survival when the only option presented to you becomes “survival or preserving your sanity” – those aren’t even considered options.

Just like Titi, my neighbour, that was almost crushed under the judging spittles of her choice in career.


Kenny the hyperactive adult-kid that almost drowned himself in PTSD but was seen as a defective nuisance in their perfected constructed world, that only sets to ruin his prospect of functioning in what they deem normal.

The conclusion is that; you can only lift yourself up. In whatever you strive for, see it to the end. There is no point in laying your struggles in a clatter that breaks your driving essence.

This conclusion brought a decision to the forefront of my mind;
I intend to play out my goal into something earth shattering in the next five years. Giving myself exhausting practices on writing is number one on my goal. Then stepping into my first job as a freelance writer at the end of next year. Through this, I learn what it means to be a writer, the rules in writing and open my mind to new ideas.
Jabs will be thrown at my weakest points, shades will be thrown, a strong sense of giving up will rise but my long standing perseverance won’t shake.


It is a fact that when we are in love with something, we want to know all there is to that thing. This can also be said of Korean drama and kpop lovers who are or want to learn korean in order to feel closer to their idols or want to watch k-dramas without subtitles and listen to kpop songs without searching for the lyrics. Of course their are some who want to learn Korean aside from the aforementioned reason.
Getting a teacher for this can be expensive and when you do get a teacher, you also have to buy textbooks which adds to expenses piling up. You can also decide to buy a textbook without getting a teacher to get you started. But not everyone has the means of getting those things.
I compiled a list of websites that have grammars thoroughly explained and which are going to kick start your journey on learning korean. The textbooks which are in PDFs are also like the websites but some people prefer textbooks to websites and vice versa. The YouTube videos will make you feel like you have a teacher. The gestures, way of explaining and mode of examples used in a YouTube video will create a more lasting impression on your mind than a textbook or website. If you don’t understand a grammar point, you can actually ask questions under the comment section and you will receive a reply. Their are some that even have live lessons.

Websites for learning korean

1. Talktomeinkorean.com
Talk to me in Korean is probably the most popular website for Korean learners. They have paid and free lessons, textbooks you can buy, short korean stories to learn from and vocabulary textbooks. What makes talk to me in Korean unique to me is their podcast. They have podcasts for every level in their lessons. These podcasts are a great way to practise or strengthen your listening skill.
For every lesson on talk to me in Korean, their are tests you can take to gauge your assimilation and how much you have learned.
Talk to me in Korean is like a language school for Korean learners.

2. Howtostudykorean.com
This website is has various explanations of grammars starting from the beginner level to the advanced level. The first topic to be touched on is the Korean alphabets. For every example sentences given, a voice note accompanies it.
Reason this website is a favourite among Korean learners, is the all given into explaining these grammars. Howtostudykorean.com gives a wide range of a examples and in depth explanation in order to base your understanding of a grammar on it. If you are using how to study Korean, you don’t need to buy a vocabulary textbook or go through the stress of searching for vocabularies. The website offers at least 20 vocabularies for each lesson.

3. Gobillykorean.com
I haven’t tried Gobilly’s website before but I have gone through Gobilly’s books. He explains grammars very well, why a grammar is different from the English language grammar, why a word is used differently. A detailed explanation is always given for any oddity you encounter while learning korean.

4. 90daykorean.com
I haven’t tried this website site but from the reviews I read, it is good. It focuses more on books and audio lessons.

This website contains content from the textbook “Korean Grammar In Use”. It is just content imported from a textbook to a website.

6. https://www.iksi.or.kr/lms/main/main.do
King Sejong Institute just as the name implies is an organised institute filled with Korean teachers. It also has organised lessons you can learn from, and practice questions.

Textbooks for learning korean

1. Talk to me in Korean textbooks
Just like I mentioned previously. Talk to me in Korean offers a wide range of textbooks. They have grammar textbooks according to your level, vocabulary books, short stories you can learn from and many more. Some of these textbooks come with CDs to aid your listening capability.
It is good to put more practice on listening because it creates a lasting impression on the mind and corrects the mistake of pronouncing a word we haven’t heard but read incorrectly. Their is only so much rules can do if you haven’t experienced it firsthand.
Download link here: https://pdfcoffee.com/talk-to-me-in-korea-level-1-4-pdf-free.html

2. Korean Grammar In Use
This textbook is a favourite of Korean learners. It is a book composed by Koreans and provides CDs when you buy it. It contains drawings that stimulates and accentuates your learning process. Sometimes reading too much can get tiring. There are practice questions for every lesson.
You can download it here: https://oiipdf.com/korean-grammar-in-use-beginner

3. Go Billy’s Korean Textbook
Billy in his textbook, teaches the Korean alphabet, explain grammar points and different ways they can be used and goes in depth in the explanation of difficult words.
Download link here: https://m.vk.com/wall-169240848_10237

5. Ewha Korean Textbook
Ewha Korean is a book published by Ewha University in Korea. The textbook comprises of levels 1-6 with workbooks. The thing about this textbook is that, it tests your listening and reading ability. Almost everything is written in Korean. From level 1 to 2, grammars and new words are written in English but Korean starts getting used in level 3 upward. This can pose a great challenge and as we all know, challenges shape us.
Download link: https://oiipdf.com/ewha-korean-1-1

YouTube channels for learning korean

1. https://youtube.com/c/ProfYoonsKoreanLanguageClass
Prof Yoon has different videos explaining different grammars and words. He explains the Korean alphabets and how it sounds. He also has live sessions, where he interacts with his students. There is a kind of grandfather-ly atmosphere when he explains, drawing you in.

2. https://youtube.com/c/KoreanUnnie
She is also a Korean YouTuber that teaches Korean with more than 1 million subscribers. Her lessons are always fun and the fact that she is Korean is an added bonus.

3. https://youtube.com/c/TalkToMeInKorean2009
Talk to me in Korean has a modified curriculum that they follow. Every video they post is always meticulously planned and pinpoints the core matter of the topic being discussed.

4. https://youtube.com/c/GoBillyKorean
I was opportuned to attend Go Billy’s live session once and I really enjoyed his class. He takes his time to explain things, making use of different examples that will create lasting images in the minds of his students. You will definitely have fun when you watch or join his live sessions.

Sweet Dreams

The splashes of blood
Under the body
Of the artistic legs
Shaped in a bow

It looks like roses,
Sprinkled to entice death.
Sparkling and twinkling
Under the light

Chiseled on the body
Designs of a perfect sculptor
Debris of it can be seen
On the fingers

Eyes blown wide,
With smiling lips
Euphoria descends,
from seeing the final result.

Going to sleep
In visible debris,
Sweats from working out
A lucid dream awaits.

I see a pink aphrodisiac
Encircled by bushes of spaghettis
Tears of the mouth drip down as I gaze on it
I touched it and it felt like orunmila has taken me to orun
My fingers drip in unfamiliar juice
I tasted the unfamiliar juice
I prayed to orunmila baba ifa to show me  how it’s made

I pluck the pink aphrodisiac flowers on the peach
And I thought
Ah! I just found the garden of eden

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